Wordpress Speed Optimization

Is your WordPress website running slow?

If your web server is down or your WordPress website is running slow that means you need to take an immediate action to speed up your website performance. Otherwise you will lose your potential customers and might lose your online booking or sales.

There are numbers of online tools where you can test your website speed. Most popular ones are:

Usually we perform following things as a part of our Speed Optimization service.

Image Optimization

We make sure all of your images are
fully optimized and still keep the quality.


Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript by
removing unnecessary or redundant data

HTTP Request

By reducing a number of HTTP
request can have significant impact
on page speed.


Compressing resources with gzip
or deflate.


We use best caching plugin
for WordPress

Hosting Service

We can help you to choose
hosting server depending upon your budget

We WebAvenue want to help make your life easier by providing page speed optimization service. We are sydney based wordpress specialist with 12 years of experience. All of our clients get to work with developers directly. So handover all your WordPress worry to us and focus on what you do the best.

We work on hourly basis and our service charge is affordable for any type of work. Just let us know what needs to be done and we will quote it straight away. No need to deal with any lock in contracts and millions of terms & conditions.